Ease of riding, style and functionality distinguish the S9 pedal assisted electric bike. Thanks to the 36V-8Ah removable battery you can travel up to 55km in assisted mode, allowing you to tackle not only city routes but to aim for cycle tourism. Combining the accessibility and innovation you desire, the S9 can guarantee you a comfortable and safe ride in every situation, thanks to the robust 20 “wheels and the 6-speed gearbox, the 250W 3-speed brushless motor, which can be activated from the control on the handlebar, able to make you reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h. It is characterized by a modern design, with the folding frame in magnesium alloy, the powerful LED light and the LCD display that allows you to choose between 3 modes driving and having the battery status under control Practical and fast, it folds up with a gesture to be loaded on public transport or by car.


The frame material is magnesium alloy, which is 1/3 lighter than aluminum alloy and has better shock resistance. The frame process adopts magnesium alloy die-casting technology, which breaks through the traditional welding process and ensures that the whole electric bicycle has no welds.


Everything under control: a functional, complete and readable LCD dashboard allows you to keep under control every function, from speed to travel time, from partial to total kilometers, from the remaining battery charge to the selection of the steps of assistance to pedalling.


Lithium batteries: on the market today they are the most used because they are small and lighter, with a longer life duration. The standard of electric batteries is 36 volts and 5.2 Ah; this capacity guarantees a range of about 65 km, which can vary according to the effort of the cyclist on the pedals and the level of power selection on the handlebar control. This bike model has an extractable battery with keyed anti-theft slot.


The 250 watt/36 volt engine is controlled by an electronic unit (Controller) which, depending on the chosen assistance level and the cyclist’s effort on the pedals, supplies a certain amount of power. practically, with high pedalling effort and/or frequency, the assistance of the electric motor will be greater. The controller provided with this bike is equipped with the latest generation of powerful PXID chips.


Electric hub motor: it is an engine positioned in the rear hub of the bicycle. This position offers the best balance of weight by compensating for the battery on the front. This engine is ideal for overcoming uphill gradients of around 10-15% and in the lowlands it has lower fuel consumption than other similar engines on the market. The power output of 250Watt at 36 Volt allows a maximum speed of 25Kmh with a torque of 12Nm. The autonomy of distance that you have in optimal conditions when the battery fully charged is 65Km.


A look to safety: the braking spaces of a vehicle are indispensable for safety, and therefore this bike is equipped with a front and rear brake disc with mechanically controlled gripper . This type of brake allows short stopping distances under any conditions. The profile of the petal disc in addition to the aesthetic factor allows a greater dissipation of heat and dust that is created on the braking surface of the disc.


The comfort of this bike is guaranteed by the rear shock absorber, which soaks the roughness of the road. Even on the hardest roads it will always be comfortable to use the bike together with maximum road holding.


The peculiarity of this bike is to have the folding frame; with few and comfortable operations and without the help of tools you can fold the bike. This offers the possibility of transporting the bicycle in a limited space such as the trunk of the car or a boat cabinet.

  • Motor: 250W Brussless geared
  • Tyres: 20 inch x 2.125
  • Drive mode: PAS, Shimano 6 gears
  • Wheight w/o battery: 19,6kg.
  • Brake system: Front and rear disc brake
  • Frame material: Magnesium unibody frame
  • Battery installment: Buili-in anti theft lock / detachable
  • Battery capacity: 36V. / 5,2 Ah
  • Battery type: LG Lithium Ion
  • Battery wheight: 1,8 Kg
  • Charging time: Circa 4 hours
  • Max speed: 25 Km/h
  • Max mileage: 55 Km With assistance step 1 set
  • Max load: 120 Kg
  • Climbing angle : > 15°
  • Assistance mode: Throttle and pedal optional
  • Rated voltage wattage : 36V / 250W
  • Torque: 12N.m
  • Waterproof level: IP54
  • Dimensions unfolded: 1520x570x1000 mm
  • Dimension folded: 810x650x600